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MSN: info@petrolpart.com SKYPE: linnading00 QQ: 2850569760
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Xuzhou Desheng Petrol Machine Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2008,and located in Xuzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China.It covers 80,000m2 and is with 12 workshops.It is a quite strengthful manufacturer for fuel tanker parts,fuel dispenser,fuel nozzle,and related gas station parts in China. 

It's with accuracy module,independent D&R ability,compete casting equipment like gravity drop casting machine,high pressure casting machine,low pressure casting machine, the lastest techonoly CNC machine,high quality control system to safisty all kinds of production of casting products.

We also have our independent fuel dispenser computer system research center to develp our own filling despenser computer and guarantee the fuel dispenser operation steadily.

We insist on "Innovation Decides Development" as company principal.The products are well received by domestic and overseas market.We will keep on enhancing the ability of independent research and development to satisfy the customer's demand.

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FLANGE WITH FEMALE CONNECTOR SQUARE FLANGE SEAL CAP TYPE DC FOOT VALVE FLANGE DP TYPE INNER PLUG MANHOLE COVER 20 INCH ALUMINUM MANHOLE COVER ROTABLE GAUGE HATCH API ADAPTOR DUST CAP QUICK COUPLING FEMALE THREAD VALVE JOINT FOOT STEP GAUGE HATCH MECHANICAL FOOT VALVE API ADAPTOR VALVE SINGLE WAY BALL VALVE A TYPE MALE INNER THREAD CAMLOCK COUPLING OVERFILL PREVENTION OPTIC SOCKET PRESSURE-BALANCED PNEUMATIC BOTTOM VALVE STAINLESS STEEL API ADAPTOR VALVE SQUARE FLANGE BALL VALVE Gravity Drop Coupler MALE ROUND FLANGE E TYPE MALE QUICK COUPLING 3 INCH ALUMINUM PNEUMATIC EMERGENCY VALVE API ADAPTOR VALVE ROUND FLANGE BALL VALVE VAPOR RECOVERY DUST CAP D TYPE FEMALE THREAD QUICK COUPLER C TYPE ALUMINUM ALLOY QUICK COUPLING Overfill Optic Socket with 10 pins Parts of Emergency Cut-off Valve Parts of Emergency Cut-off Valve Fuel Dispenser Metal Fuel Prover Hose Reel Hose Reel Hose Reel Fuel Dispenser EMERGENCY CUT-OFF VALVE Solenoid Valve PD Series  Displacement Flow Meter LPG Positive Displacement Flow Meter Level Indicator Encoded Cable Pneumatic Interlock Valve Aluminum API Valve Aluminum Vapor Recovery Valve Aluminum Manhole Cover Flange Aluminum Vapor Recovery Valve Stainless Steel Vapor Recovery Valve 18 Stainless Steel Overfill Prevention Optic Sensor Overfill Prevention Sensor Probe 16“ Carbon Steel Manhole Cover 20“ Stainless Steel Manhole Cover 20“ Stainless Steel Manhole Cover 20“ Stainless Steel Manhole Cover 20“ Aluminum Manhole Cover Manhole Cover P/V Vent Foot Valve Stainless Steel Sump CARBON STEEL 6 INCH BOTTOM VALVE CARBON STEEL BOTTOM VALVE STAINLESS STEEL FOOT VALVE 4 INCH STAINLESS STEEL PNEUMATIC FOOT VALVE 4 INCH ALUMINUM FOOT VALVE 3 INCH STAINLESS STEEL BOTTOM VALVE 4 INCH STAINLESS STEEL BOTTOM VALVE Combination Pneumatic Switch Combination Pneumatic Switch Button Valve Pneumatic Interlock Valve Pneumatic Interlock Valve Potable Moble Fuel Unit Stainless Steel Model Fuel Dispenser Breakaway Valve Nozzle Swivel Nozzle Holder Standard Metal Gauge Hose Retractor Discharge Cable Soft Shaft Controller Fuel Tanker Handier Fuel Tanker Handier 20 inch Carbon Steel Clamp Type Manhole Cover 16 inch Carbon Steel Manhole Cover 16 inch Aluminum Manhole Cover Clamp Type Carbon Steel Manhole Cover Manhole Cover Flange Pipeline Strainer Double Nozzle Fuel Dispenser 1.6m Single/Double Nozzle Fuel Dispenser Mobile Fuel Dispenser Single Nozzle Fuel Dispenser Portable Fuel Dispenser bottom valve flange bottom valve flange fuel tanker flange fuel tanker flange External Breathing Valve External Breathing Valve

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