4 inch Double sealing ball valve gauge hatch

Model: GY310

Size: DN 100

Scope of application: Diesel / kerosene / gasoline, etc

Main material: aluminum alloy

Sealing material: oil resistant, pressure resistant and cold resistant rubber butadiene

This is the oil measuring hole of connected DN 100 / 4-inch ball valve, with strong operation and sealing performance, which can effectively prevent oil and gas loss. The product is elaborately made, and the installation size is standard and universal.

It is an ideal oil quantity port for Sinopec, CNPC and gas stations to recover oil and gas in the European standard, and it is worth having!

The handle of the ball valve and the locking hand wheel of the oil measuring hole have a hanging lock hole, which has a certain anti-theft performance.

The main material is aluminum alloy,

The ball valve is sealed with PTFE inside, steel ball core, oil measuring hole cover and Dingqing rubber ring.

Use medium: gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other refined oil.

Nominal pressure: 0.6MPa

Use temperature: - 35 to + 80 ℃.

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