Aluminum API Valve for Fuel Tanker GY605

Technical Specification

Material: Aluminum
Normal Diameter: 4"
Working Pressure: 0.6Mpa
Max. Flow Rate: 2500L/min
Working Temperature: -40℃~+70℃

API Adaptor is installed at one side of bottom tanker,with the design of quick connecting structure.Interface dimension conform to API RP1004.It is an important component of bottom loading system to get quick detachment without leakage,ensuring much safer and reliable when loading & discharge.It's suitable for diesel,petrol,kerosene and other light fuel,also suitable for chemical.

Benefit and Features

1. The integrated structure of valve body ensure more reliable tightness performance
2. Valve body is oxidized by hard anodes and is not easy abrasion when connecting with joint.
3. The interface dimensions is conform to standard  APIRP1004,it can connect with standard API joint.
4. Installed sight glass,to see the inside work
5. Pneumatic interlocking valve can be installed to realize interlock control by docking

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