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Unloading Gravity Flow Meter

Unloading Gravity Flow Meter The portable flowmeter is mainly used for the gravity flow unloading of the tanker at the gas station, and can also be used for pipelines InstalL measurement. It can be used to measure various oil products except water. Simply and flexiblely installation, operation, measurement High Percision and long service life. It …

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Measuring Can

1.Calibrated Measures & Volumetric Provers 2.Built to NIST Handbook 105-3 Standards, OIML R-120 and API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Chapter 4 3.Manufactured of Series 304 Stainless Steel, which resists ordinary rusting, can be easily cleaned, resists organic chemicals, no slag and requires no internal coating. Series 316 stainless steel is available upon request 4.Calibration By …

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