Dust Cap for API Valve

Technical Specification

Material: Aluminum
Normal Diameter: 4"
Working Pressure: 0.6Mpa

Dust cap is used for protecting the API Adaptor valve from dust, water and others getting into, and protect the surface from breakage, and built in a gasket to protect the inside fuel flow out when the sealing is not tight. Aluminum material valve body is with oxidation treatment. It has anti-corrosion, light and stable performance. The coupler standard is up to API RP1004, and it can be connected to standard API, built in hole for seal and can be sealed.

Functions and Features

  1. Special surface treatment
  2. Aluminum alloy surface is treated by oxidation to improve the anti-corrosion
  3. Standardized dimension
  4. Interface dimension is designed according with the standard API coupling
  5. Light weight
  6. With lead sealing position to meet the demand of sealing

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