Electro Fusion Machine

Universal electro fusion processor
Electro Fusion Fitting system is electrically fusion jointing method that the gap between fitting and PE pipe is heated and melted by the means of resistance wires which are placed in the socket in the fitting. Each EF Sockets are controlled automatically by micro-processor and RMS value.
· All functions are designed for ease of operation.
· The display is equipped with back-lighting. This will enable operator to work in poor lighting and at night
· Depending on site, fusion number is automatically changed and stored (up to 10 site names). Inputting site name can continuously connect fusion number and perform work even when moving from site to site.
· You can see fusion content using view function without printing. (Black mark at abnormal part)
· The built-in printer uses thermal paper (safe for 5 years). Outputting 1 fusion result takes about 1.5 seconds.
· Change quantity of output current per hour is divided into 10 sections for output, so that reliability on fused material may be enhanced.
· Output capacity is designed as 3600W (@220Vac) in order to supply stable output.
· The machine is equipped with a bar code reader of convenient CCD type, which can read at once.
· Stable fusion becomes possible thru accurate control of output voltage (8-50±0.2Vac) at the input voltage even with high voltage jumps.
Universal fusion : resistor, barcode and manual.

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