GY-430A Mechanical Leak Detector


* For Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel;
* The leak detector will control the output of oil in time, when the oil leakage in the pipeline is no less than 11.4L/min;
* The leak detector will delay to open in 2-3 seconds, when the oil leakage is less than 11.4L/min;
* MLD2 mechanical leak detector can keep maximum flow rate while several nozzles are working at the same time.

Mechanical leak detector for sale

* With the growing consciousness of human environmental protection, relevant environmental protection rules and regulations are made one by one around the world. In order to observe the local environmental protection rules and regulations, and to avoid pollution from oil leakage, the leak detector is developed and put into use widely.

* Under the transmission pressure at 1.4-3.5KPa, diaphragm type of MLD mechanical leak detector is a selectable device for submersible pump to monitor the oil leakage in the pipeline. The leak detector can automatically carry out the supervision to the flow rate over 11.4L/min or pressure less than 0.6KPa of the pipeline. If leakage existing, it will limit the flow rate at 11.4L/min through closing the inner piston valve, which will let the users know that there is oil leakage in the pipeline



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