GY-502 Combing Vent Valve

Technical Specification

Normal diameter: 3"
Working pressure: 0.4Mpa
Material: Aluminum alloy
Installation: Flange
Open way: Pneumatic
Temperature: -40℃~+70℃

Combing vent valve is installed on pipework which at the end of the top of tanker. The 45 degrees angle between the download exit side and horizontal direction effectively prevent from the dust stacking or entering into the valve. When the valve in a normally open situation, it will control the vapor to come into and out of pipeline work.

Function and Feature

1.) Special Surface Treatment

Aluminum alloy surface is treated by oxidation to improve the anti-corrosion.

2.) High Quality

Stainless steel internal components for increased corrosion resistance.

3.)Light Weight

The main body is made of aluminum alloy,it is more light and sturdy.

4.)Interlock Control

To interlock with vapor adaptor valve, when the adaptor valve is open, the combing valve should be closed.


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