GY-516 Vapor Recovery Valve

Technical Specification

Normal Diameter: 3"
Working Pressure: 0.6Mpa
Installation Way: Flange Type
Temperature: -40℃~+70℃

Vapor recovery valve is  installed on the vapor recovery pipeline on the top end of Tank. The downward outlet side is 45 degrees angle with horizontal direction to effectively prevent from the dust stacked or entering into the valve. When the valve is in a normally open situation,it will control the vapor output or input into the pipeline work.  With oxidation treatment on surface, high-corrosion resistance . Docking with vapor recovery coupler by sequential control. When vapor recovery joint open, vent valve need to be closed.

Features and Benefits

1.) Hardening Treatment

The whole valve body is passed a special hardening process to improve its service life.

2.) Easy-Operation

Sequence control to control the current valve open to series control the next valve open.

3.) High Quality

The stainless steel internal shaft parts ensures its corrosion resistance. 

4.)Light Weight

The main body is made of aluminum alloy,it is more light and sturdy.

5.)Tight Sealing

Effectively guarantees the tanker do not overflow after rollover.

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