GY801TC 580 Stainless Steel Manhole Cover

Technical Specification 

Diameter: 16" 
Filling Hole Diameter: 10" 
Emergency Open Pressure: 21KPA~32KPA 
Max Working Pressure: 0.6MPa 
Max Emergency Flow Rate: 7000M3/H (When 34Kpa)
Material: Aluminum Alloy 
Installment Mode: Flange Type
Temperature Range: -50 +150℃

Manhole Cover is installed on the top of the tanker, with the designed of fully tight sealing and rotated handles to make sure its tightness. The main plate is stamped of Stainless Steel.  This kind of manhole with the under collar can be directly welded into the tanker.

Benefit & Feature

1. Grinding and Polishing
Stainless steel' surface is grinded and polished to make it more pleasing and longer performing.

2. Various Sealing Gaskets
To satisfy different demands of users.

3. Teflon Resin Coated Sealing Gasket
Temperature Range: - 50 ~ 200° C

4.  Fluoro Rubber
Temperture Range: -20 ~120° C

5. Height of the Collar
Can be made by user's design.

Before Order

a.  The main material can be Carton Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, or up to users' demand.
b.  The standard quantity of Handles is 6, but it can be made into 8 according to different demands. The working pressure is 0.4Mpa.
c.  The Sealing Gasket is chosen according to different usages, Teflon Resin Coated one, Fluoro Rubber one or Buna-N one.

GY801TC 580 Stainless Steel Manhole Cover

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