Reducer - Guillemin Coupling

Description of Product


Item Name Guillemin Coupling
Sizes available:1-1/2" to 4"  (DN40-DN100)
Material:Aluminum   & Stainless Steel
Symetrical coupling parts :Male with latch   ,      Male without latch
 Female with latch,     Female without latch
 Hose tail with latch,   Hose tail without latch,
 Cap with latch with chain
 Male guillemin helicoidale     Hose guillemin helicoidale
Thread :Male thread:       EN ISO 228-1, BSP
 Female thread:   EN ISO 228-1, BSP
Seal :NBR black & standard for stainless and aluminium
 EPDM: White
 FPM: Green
 PTFE: White
Working pressure16 bar/ 230psi

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