Static Grounding Reel -15mts GY110A

Static Grounding Reel Automatically Retract
Retractable Static Grounding Reel,Bonding Reels, bulk stations, airports, terminals , refineries.
automatic grounding reel clamp is made of high raw material and spare parts
Can automatically retract
Automatic locking device in main case, to control length that cable extending and retracting
Nice scalable design occupies little space, to make customer’s work place more clear and convenient
When cable extends to needed length, pull cable slowly till hearing voice of tick and then automatic bolt locks automatically
When it needs to retract, pull cable out 40cm till cannot hearing voice of tick and then customer can retract it
When it automatically retracts, we should hold cable lightly to avoid high speed of retraction, so that presents unnecessary damage
6m telescopic work can be installed on truck or somewhere more convenient by fixed mount
Can also be installed on appropriate beam
Can rotate 180°
There should be 50cm remained at both sides of fixed mount
Product should be installed on corresponding holes

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